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  1. ab1kenobee, Thank you for taking the time to put all your findings here. I have Revo and it couldn't find anything from the previous install of evernote, so I had no idea what to do to resolve this until I found your posts. Thank goodness you stayed at it and posted your findings. Really, I find it rediculous that the Evernote team does not have something to take care of this automatically for their users or that their installer does not resolve this when it finds it. I know many, many people that would have no idea about how to do anything in the registry without completely ***** up their computer. Frankly, letting this issue sit and fester in their discussion forums, without providing any help, has made me look at other options for providing the services that evernote provides. I just can't affford to have an issue come up that needs attention and have to rely on a company that - by failing to even acknowledge the issue or simply insinuating you don't know what you're doing cuz it works for everyone else - basically tells their customer to piss off... Terrible! Thanks again ab1kenobee, you have helped a lot of people with this!
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