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  1. Looks like Tony H solved his problem. That is fantastic! Tony H definitely has a good grasp on debugging. I will keep his solution of fixing syncing and broken notes in my back pocket if EverNote starts hogging again. After 3 and 1/2 weeks from my post on Mar 15, EN is working better for me. This is after a SMC and PRAM reset. EN seems to be less hoggy. Unfortunately, editing notes with large lists (bullets or numbered) were still laggy. Last week Evernote updated to Version 6.0.8 (451398 App Store), and the update seems good. I've yet to test editing large lists since the update but I'm hoping that is smoother.
  2. Too early to for me to call this problem resolved, but 1 and 1/2 hours into boot, EverNote is behaving better - no unreasonable CPU spikes, slow editing of notes or "scroll drift" so far. I'll try follow up with a post after a week of continuous use. Here's what I did: As lykoz suggested, I followed the guide in https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6623697which is a special recipe for reseting SMC and PRAM. I've never heard of booting into Safe Mode before resetting SMC but oh well, why not try. If you have an EFI boot password like me, then you have to: Boot to safe mode using the nvram command or turn off the EFI password. Google for the command. Apple support lays out the command to use. To reset PRAM, you must to turn off the EFI password, reset PRAM, then turn EFI password back on. Google for more info. I'm not sure if it is related, but I have external monitor with Thunderbolt-to-DVI cable. I connect/disconnect to the monitor often. When disconnecting or reconnecting to the external monitor, this seems stress OS X as it figures out how to adjust all the open apps in the new desktop layout. Maybe resetting SMC or PRAM might have helped the mix of video graphics hardware, trackpad and keyboard.
  3. Tony H, I'm on EverNote version 6.0.6 from App Store and still having the same issues you describe. Also other problems such as slow typing and a scroll drift when typing or moving around in my notes. Started about the time you posted this topic. If I have more time to collect all the nitty gritty details, I'll submit a bug report as you suggested to be another squeaky wheel. if I do submit a report, I'll also put in my love note below. EverNote, in case you're reading this want tech details: On OS X Yosemite (10.10.2), Mid 2011 MacBook Air, 1.7 GHz i5, memory 4 GB. I know this is not an internet speed or system problem - I'm on a fast 15 Mbps cable connection and not maxing out resources on my MBA so there is plenty of free memory. Even typing in the most resource intensive situations is not as slow as typing in this app sometimes is. E.g. Resource intense situation - hammering out code in IDEs in a VMware Ubuntu Desktop with OS X apps Chrome with tons of tabs, Excel and Word on the host open. EverNote used to be great and I believe it can still be!
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