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  1. Hi thanks for the advice! do you know how to make the link of a note on my desktop? i have windows 7.
  2. Thank you for the answer!! 1 Definetely this tip for the formatting saves me of the continuos changing of (style character etc..) 3. For the link on the desktop i see that with right click on the note i can "Copy internal link" like...https://www.evernote.com/shard etc.. but how can i transform this link in a link file? I cannot understand what is this link example.. evernote:///view/user id/shard id/note guid/client specific id/[linked notebook guid]/ in internet they say that this is the link that i need to creat a this classic note link. But where can i get it? Thanks
  3. Hello i'm writing to ask some things, sorry for my english. I have some request; 1. when i'm importing a text in the note, i would like that with one click of 1 botton i apply a styke that i choosed for my note ( style of the character, height of the text ecc). So that i do not change every box to format my text. 2 . i would like that in evernot there will be more stacks in one original stack. ( more folder in one stack). so that i can organice better my files and notes 3. i would like to make a link of one of the my notes on my computer desktop. So that i don't have to open every time evernote and search my note 8it's a waste of time) Thant's if some one respond and i hope the tecnichans will work on this points.
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