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  1. I have done the uninstall/ restart/ reinstall and so far so good. Thank you. We'll see how it goes, but I am hoping this has done away with the irritating mystery popup. I really appreciate all the help.
  2. For a few days the pop-up seemed to vanish on the iPhone, but it is now back again. I have tried everything, shutting down, restarting, searching for and removing strange files, etc.on my iPhone, iPads, MacBook Pro, to no avail. Not heard back yet from Evernote in response to my request for help. Logged out of Evernote and then back again on all of them. Am wondering if I delete the Evernote app from the iPhone, and then reinstall it from Appstore it will do the trick (banish the popup!!!), or will I lose all my data?
  3. You are so patient. I have tried everything. Cleaning up notes on iPads, iPhone, Mac, emptying trash, opening everhnote from desktop, etc. Cannot find a "note size" column. Did a Spotlight search - no luck. I notice on the Mac that when I quit Evernote I get the following message. file attachment may be currently open in another application. Be aware that any changes to open file attachments will not synchronize with the Evernote Service until Evernote is re-launched. Don't know if it has anything to do with the problem. I have sent a support request to Evernote. I will update this post if I have any luck.
  4. Sorry about that. The popup says: Note Size Limit Exceeded Note Hour_of_Power_GENERIC_128k_stereo exceeds the maximum single note size of 25 MB and cannot be synced. The there is the Upgrade stuff ... I have searched my files and cannot find this. I also went to Evernote.com logged in and could not find it. Is there anywhere else to look. I have done a spotlight search on my Mac, with zero result. Don't know where else to look, or how. Only get this message on my iPhone. In fact now I think about it I doubt that I would have ever downloaded this!! It's really getting kind of strange. Maybe I should delete Evernote from my iPhone then reload it?
  5. Thank you, gazumped. Your login link only gets the Safari response: can't find server. I cannot find this file anywhere, though have done searches. Pretty sure I deleted it. Not sure I am doing this correctly, but here goes - screen shot from iPhone dowloaded to iPhoto on Mac: file:///Users/marywildavsky/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library/Masters/2015/03/13/20150313-101840/IMG_1030.PNGorfile:///Users/marywildavsky/Desktop/Evernote%20popup.jpg Thanks for your help.
  6. Same thing is happening to me, and it is driving me crazy.I am not a big user, but was considering trying to use Evernote more. Now I am too irritated. Have tried turning off "Content", which I saw suggested somewhere. Hope the folks at Evernote Take Note and someone can come up with a solution.
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