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  1. Okay, appreciate the help. Been syncing, but still happening. Maybe this issue is I don't see a "sync" button on my iPhone app, so I'm not manually syncing from there. Where is the sync button on the app?
  2. Hi, I use evernote on both my iPhone app and on the computer, and sometimes when doing so, my notes get duplicated, isntead of just updated. EG i have a note called "Meetings." I added a bunch of stuff to it on my computer. Later in the day, I loaded it up on my phone, and made new updates to it. Later, when I went back to my computer, there were two notes titled "Meetings", and only one included the updates I made on my phone app. It's like when I update on my phone, it makes a new copy of the original note. I'd like the changes to just synch up on to one note, and not create duplicates. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug?
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