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  1. Hi DTLow and gazumped. I'm grateful for your responses. I have read through the blog and have uninstalled and then reinstalled the extension. I then restarted my PC. I made sure l was logged into Evernote and tried again... It still isn't working? Do you have any more ideas? Many thanks. Kind regards Alex
  2. Hi there I used to be able to search for something in Google Chrome and it showed me the findings from my Evernote as well on the web page! This is such a cool feature... Trouble is it no longer happens?? I've looked up the instructions to make sure my settings are correct. I have been to Options and made sure the box is ticked 'show Evernote content related to web searches'. I have also made sure that l am logged into my Evernote account on the web clipper and Evernote Web as well as my Gmail account. What am l doing wrong? Why isn't it working for me anymore?? Many thanks Kind regards Alex
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