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  1. Dipper and GrumpyMonkey - question: Everytime I take a picture on my phone with the Evernote app and it uploads it assigns a title to it automatically that is from my Google Calendar (which then also shows up in my email). How can I change that so I can control what the title is or so that it can just upload without pulling in that title from my calendar or email? Thanks!
  2. Update: So writing in lower case definitely is working better and getting picked up. On another note my sky wifi pen just died. Have to go replace it... Once I do looks like I'm going to go back to writing in sentence case...Thanks for all the help y'all!
  3. I don't have an iPad. Would buy one if I was confident that penultimate would work really well for what I need. I just uploaded a new note that I wrote in lower case writing. Seems like it's getting picked up better. Do you notice that as well? Any thoughts? (same link as before)
  4. Thanks! Here is a link to a shared note: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s62/sh/fe4133d2-dbc2-40a0-846a-82fcdde20784/addc2abf9ff5f6b34dabaa24b3503142thoughts?
  5. Dipper - how long can you take notes for on the battery? Can you use it for 4-5 hrs each day writing on it without plugging it in? I read some negative reviews of Penultimate and how people felt the usability got worse on a recent update. Have you had any experience with that? GrumpyMonkey - looks like the OCR is working but not 100% with my writing. I type in 'March' and only get 1 result. If I type if 'Mar' I get 3 results for 'March'. Same if I type in just 'ch'. So something in my writing isn't working properly.
  6. GrumpyMonkey - LiveScribe said that free Evernote users need to wait up to 72 hours for the OCR to work properly and have the content searchable. Dipper - How is Penultimate? Can you take notes easily? I heard that it doesn't write naturally, that there is a lag when writing on the ipad screen? Thoughts?
  7. Interesting idea. I'm testing just starting a page with a clear date and client name. Have to wait up to 72hrs to see if the OCR picks it up...
  8. Thanks GrumpyMonkey - the main purpose of getting the Livescribe pen was to document my notes in the cloud automatically so I can search and find them at a later date. Not to change the way I write. Was hoping the evernote OCR would work for me, so far the results aren't great.
  9. They don't make that available: https://getsatisfaction.com/livescribe/topics/why_no_live_scribe_desktop_with_wifi_sky_pen
  10. Dipper - thanks for the reply. Evernote is the only option with the Sky Wifi pen from Livescribe.
  11. I'm using the Livescribe Sky Wifi pen. I've written several pages of notes which now show up in my Evernote account. I've waiting 3 days and when I search the word 'March' Evernote finds 1 instance of it. However, the word 'March' is listed on three pages. I don't have the prettiest handwriting but I'm wondering why it found it once and not the other times. I also wrote the name 'Larry' and it looks quite clear but Evernote can't find it at all. My whole goal with Livescribe is to be able to take notes and have them backed up online so I can search and find them at anytime by date, client name, etc. Any ideas? Do I need to return the Livescribe pen? Any other options? PS. in the attachments, the March 3, 2015 can't be found. But the March 4, 2015 can be found! The word 'Larry' can't be found.
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