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  1. There were 2 bad sectors in the file, so i debulked the file in order to delete those sectors regardless of importance of the notes they contain. Out of 3203 notes, i could save 2865 note, which is a very good number for me. Thanks for your help. For those who wonder how to fix errors in .enex files, use a text editor and start searching for errors from the first line of the file. For example, number of <en-note> strings in the text file indicates that how many notes you have in your account. And for example -again-, if importing failed at 403rd note, than look for the 403rd <en-note> string in text file, it is the corrupt note which causes missing_note_content error. One by one, you can clear those bad lines and fix the file - thus - save your exported notes.
  2. Sorry you're having trouble, but I'm curious. Why did you feel the need to export/delete your Notes? Why not just create a temp holding Notebook, move them all there, and then do your reorganization from there? That seems simpler, and also avoids chewing up your monthly upload allowance. You're right, what i did was stupid, but it's a long story to tell why. I ended up losing all my notes Anyway, thanks for your help, i will try to fix my problem and post here if I succeed. Cheers.
  3. In order to categorize all my ~3000 notes efficiently, i first exported them and deleted my old notes. while importing my notes, it gives "missing_note_content" error when it imports 437th note. any way of repairing .enex file? I searched the forums but couldn't find a way of it. If it's possible and one says it is repairable, please tell me how. Thanks.
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