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  1. I'm trying to save a photo and the app just keeps showing the processing "wheel" but does not complete saving.
  2. I agree with Getafix. This is the 2nd time in as many months that I have had to do this.
  3. Thanks DTLow. I think I am logged into my primary Evernote account--how do I confirm that? What happens is the EN icon appears in my dock with dot underneath indicating app is open. When I click the icon I get the EN bar across top of page but almost every option is greyed out. And the EN screen does not appear anywhere on my computer. I have moved EN app to trash, emptied trash and rebooted computer but still having same problem. Will try AppCleaner.
  4. I downloaded the latest update and now EN is not working on my MacBook. The program appears to open and offers a menu bar but almost every choice is greyed out. EN will not open a window in which to add or view notes. My account is fully accessible on my phone. I have tried putting EN in trash, emptying trash and downloading new version but that did not solve the problem.
  5. I would like to fax using Scannable. What is the status of adding that feature?
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