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  1. Same issue here. I'm a Premium user and I use evernote both at work (Windows) and at home (Mac). The mac version is completely unusable for writing, to the point I'm now considering it "ready only". Creating some line breaks by pressing enter is taking up to 3 SECONDS. Typing is not an option in the app anymore. And this comes after a crash that made evernote unable to open, crashing instantly after clicking on it's icon, repeatedly, even after rebooting my macbook ! Guys, c'mon. All the great functionality is totally WORTHLESS if I can't a) OPEN THE APP in the first place and 2) WRITE TEXT ON NOTES. This is a note taking app, this is it's core, it's bare essentials, it's mission critical function. You should be all hands on deck on this issue and stop all development until you have completely eliminated this issue ! (By the way I'm on 6.0.6 and I could only open the app after a new download from the app store. The sluggish performance, on the other hand, is getting worse every day, making the app no good for writing anymore).
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