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  1. you're not listening and you never listened and i guess you will never listen. WE WANT THE OLD VERSION - WHY CAN'T YOU HEAR THIS. WE DON'T LIKE THE NEW VERSION, STUPID. IGNORANCE IS NOT KNOWING, STUPID IS NOT BEING WILLING OR ABLE TO LEARN. GIVE US THE OPTION, CAN'T YOU HEAR US ASKING FOR THAT? we don't want to hear how you're fixing the new version - we don't like it. we liked the old version. i would so fire all of you if this was my company. jeff fountain
  2. I liked the old version too and I hate this iteration. Can we have the old one back? I am looking for other apps because I don't think I can live with this. I'm getting ready to spend some money to get a geek (geeks are good people) to help me. jeff
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