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  1. Is there a way to enable push notifications when I set a reminder on a note on the android app? It shoots the note to the top of the list, but I want something that will actually notify me - a notification in the notification bar, an email, something that will actually grab my attention if I'm not in the Evernote app. I tried searching the forum and all the responses seemed to imply this should work by default, however it doesn't notify me when I set a reminder and the reminder time occurs.
  2. Apparently my post was slightly too generic, so allow me to be more specific: I am using the Web client on Google Chrome and want to move multiple notes from one notebook to another. How do I accomplish this?
  3. Have seen many topics about this, searched google and found many results, but they're all referencing something that doesn't work for me on any browser (is it a bug? I dunno). How do you multi-select? Control + click and shift + click do nothing for me. I'm logging in via browser and trying to multi-select more than 1 note.
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