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  1. Hello Matt, sorry, I cannot find the link you mention. Can you please help? --Vito
  2. Hello, I just noticed the low resolution issue in image viewer for Android. I have a panoramic 5353 x 1511 image (it is a technical drawing) attached to a note, but Evernote's image viewer displays it with blur when zooming in, so that important details cannot be read. I can get full details only If I save the attachment and then open it in gallery. Can this be fixed so that image viewer can display the full resolution when zooming in, like the phone gallery app does? Regards, Vito.
  3. You are welcome gazumped. Best regards.
  4. I have read http://www.christopher-mayo.com/?p=437he suggests parent and child tags at some point in his article, referring to jbenson2' method. I agree on choosing the simplest system possible. Anyway even gmail has hierarchical tags, and I use them. I think increasing complexity of content demands hierarchical organization. Users with highly complex content are the ones that eventually go premium, I suppose. So I think Evernote should take care of them.
  5. Hello tag hierarchy is also important for us. It is super-important when you don't remember exactly the name of a particular one, but you do know its father (e.g. projects), so you can narrow the search. (On mobile too). Best Regards.
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