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  1. Yeah, I just tried with a ? and & and it fails for me. Definitely the issue I'm seeing.
  2. Fantastic work tracking that down austex .... but I just tried it and no issue ! I tried it with and without a question mark and also on Chrome, Firefox and Safari - which is really odd as it was definitely NOT working. I'll keep monitoring it. Interestingly when you paste a link without a ? it adds a clickable link in Evernote, but when the ? is there it's just text that's pasted.
  3. Hi I'm on a Macbook using OSX 10.8.5 and have just upgraded to the Evernote 6.0.6 app this afternoon. Since doing so I've lost the ability to paste text into a note, either using the hot keys or via the menu. Anyone else having this issue? Steve
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