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  1. That wasn't a very helpful comment - sorry. May be reporting that when I launch EN it takes around 100MB of memory up and after working for an hour or so, it's consuming over 3GB will highlight the severity of the memory leak.
  2. I would just like to update that this is incredibly frustrating. Due to a current project I'm using EN much more than usual (about 8 hours a day) and I estimate 30 minutes of that is correcting typing mistakes due to screen hangs and waiting for the beachball. I love Evernote but this is an incredibly painful experience.
  3. Further note to Developers: I have deduced that the pause/hang behaviour corresponds to when a new event is saved to the Undo cache. A pause in the flow of typing will cause the hang (cursor stops blinking and app is unresponsive for at least 1 second). At this point, the BOOST column is incremented in the top output - I assume this is an event message being sent to the Undo cache server process Then typing can resume. Undoing multiple typing actions corresponds exactly to where each application hang occurs. Coincidence possibly but worth investigating.
  4. Note to developers: When running top to monitor the Evernote process, there is a significant ramp up of the memory used by the process simply by typing. When observing the BOOSTS column, every time EN hangs, the BOOSTS number is incremented. I don't know enough about this but EN stands out in this regard on my process list. Could it be that client/server messages are being created but not destroyed properly when the xpc_transaction_begin() method is called? This may explain the apparent memory leak.
  5. Same problem - incredibly annoying making EN almost impossible to work with when in a state of flow. I've re-installed to direct download version 6.06 This Macbook Pro was new at Christmas so don't think it's an upgrade from v5 Running Yosemite 10.10.1 Macbook Pro 2.6GHz i5 (mid-2014) Switching off auto-sync or even working offline completely makes no difference. The delay (with or without beachball) tends to happen frequently when: 1 - pausing typing very briefly 2 - hitting return to get a new line
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