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  1. How then would you share a tag with someone? We often share notebooks that are project centric.
  2. Yes, I just found the Stacks feature. It is a start, but why can't it be hierarchical, where a Stack can contain Stacks? I have a LOT of notebooks.
  3. Several people I work with or have worked with each have a notebook in their personal Evernote account that is the name of our company (CableLabs). I also have a notebook with that name. These notebooks have been shared with me, and so I now have (4) folders named CableLabs. While they are disambiguated with the sharing persons name in parens, it would be useful to have a "Shared with Me" folder under Notebooks in the Sidebar. So it would now look like this: Notebooks Business a b c Personal CableLabs Stuff Other Stuff Shared with Me CableLabs (Joe) CableLabs (Fred) CableLabs (Lisa) Or, as a more general solution, allow us to create folders anywhere in the hierarchy under Notebooks in the SIdebar for organizing our notebooks.
  4. Thanks for the info. Instead of converting the notebook from personal to business, is there a way to share the notebook with everyone in the workspace without having to invite each person individually?
  5. I have a related question. I had a Premium account that I just upgraded to Business. If I right click on a notebook and convert it to a business notebook and then at some point leave the company, have I lost that notebook or does it revert back to a personal notebook? I created the content and want to share it, but I don't want to lose it when I leave the company.
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