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  1. Make a button in Evernote phone app with txt "Print" and when user clicks that button his/hers wifi printer prints the note.
  2. Jacob M. EVERNOTE • 397 ANSWERS • 100% HELPFUL Hello, My name is Jacob, I am an Evernote Community Leader and part of the Evernote Expertise Network. Unfortunately printing from an Android phone is not currently possible. I would suggest emailing a copy of the note to yourself and printing that way, however that will not be possible if you don't have an internet connection. If you would like to request this as a feature you can do so on the Evernote Feature Request forum here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/304-evern... Cheers, Jacob
  3. But I want simple Print button in Evernote app, is it too much for Evernote,phyi? How to print notes from Evernote Android phone?
  4. On Note wouldn't work well in Android. Google Keep might be The App if user don't mind of sharing all notes with BigBrother Google who sells your intrests to highest bidder. I keep searching and testing apps for now.
  5. Good comment @Dave-in-Decatur, You got me thinking do I need Evernote at all. I have had in Evernote personal to do lists, temp customer device S/N's, part numbers, device dismantle pic's, photos of thermal printed bills and receipts, shopping lists for home and my workshop, etc. All those are handy but not necessity and printing from phone is not matter of life and death. My point is if other apps like Dropbox can print from android phone,why that feature is so overwhelming to get in Evernote too
  6. I have had to use workaround by sharing document or pic to my Dropbox andprint it from Dropbox. Now I'm going to try out Dropbox or Google Docs toreplace Evernote totally because I have been waiting now something like three years for Evernote to solve this Android Phone printing. Alternatives have improved pretty much same level with Evernote if I only teach myself new routines how to use Dropbox or Google Docs instead. I have paid my Premium to Evernote for good product but now they act like companies Nokia Phone, Blackberry or Agfa and stuck in old glory days of company.
  7. Why it is so difficult to Evernote, I don't want install 3rd party printing apps for print form my Android phone? Almost every app can print straight to any wifi printer in open wifi where you are, but Evernote lacks that option.
  8. Something in Evernote keeps it running always when I want to close Windows 7 so it prevents to Windows close down. Annoying that all other programs (GoogleDrive, Dropbox) don't effect to closing Windows , but Evernote needs to close every time before closing Windows. I have got support advice to clear my settings and also reinstall Evernote, but it helped only for a week and so. If I am in hurry when I leave my home desktop, I click shut off button on Windows 7 desktop corner and close screen. But Evernote thinks that it has somekind of prioriy for closing system, so my desktop is on when I come back after a week. Does someone know alternative for Evernote, witch has not closing bug?
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