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  1. I'm contemplating a new phone and am wondering about everyone's experience with EN on an Android phone. I've had mostly iPhones with one Windows 8 phone in between but am debating switching to an Android. I also use EN on an iPad mini and a Lenovo Yoga laptop with Windows 10. So now I'm thinking of adding a third platform to my EN usage and just wanted to get an opinion from Android users about the performance of EN on one of the newer Android phones. Thanks so much for your feedback.
  2. is anyone subscribed to Next Issue and using it with Evernote? When the two apps first synced with each other, I used to be able to clip entire pages from magazines. Now all I get is the title of the page and nothing else. I've even lost the old pages I saved as notes. I've tried asking support on both apps but nobody seems to be able to help. Just wondered if anyone else had the same issue. Thanks.
  3. Glad to see others are having the same problem with the Script as I just bought one today and couldn't believe how much it sucks. I'll have to go try NoteShelf to see how that works. Pretty disappointing.
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