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  1. Since the 6.2.0 update the language settings of my clipper changed to the locale I'm currently using in my firefox (non-English). Is there an option to change it back? I can't find it in settings dialogue.
  2. There is a simple way to extract xpi file from mozilla profile, so I did it with my clipper. Here it is, 6.1 version, if anyone is interested. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s65/sh/49e502dd-3495-4644-8a46-c5df0167e67e/6f4c8bc35e1f30db856b37c526c8c3d6 Though you may want to consider that I may not be trusted as an xpi source and that maybe 6.1 was removed from ff addons for some good reason. But it works well for me, and my problem with "exception at..." error (while trying to use "Simplified clipping") was resolved by installing 6.1. And - don't break yours, if it's working
  3. Surprisingly, can't find it there now... Am I getting dumb or something but there's no direct links to install clipper from evernote.com, only the ones that lead to mozilla addons page
  4. Because it's not there anymore. And yep, I have exactly that functionality in my 6.1 firefox version, saving images and whatnot.
  5. I still have my context menu in fx clipper 6.1 and it works.
  6. It was, but not through the auto update. 6.1 version was not reviewed by Mozilla, therefore it was available only by manual downloading. But now it's gone.
  7. 6.1 version has disappeared from mozilla addons versions page. What happened?
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