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  1. The iPad web clipper does not allow notebook selection or tags. Drop down menu is blank. Saved notes go to inbox. Cannot add tags either. Have to create note, open EN, then edit to notebook and tags.
  2. Problem I believe I'm having is that the Clipper locks up Safari 10.,1 running on Mid-2010 iMac with Yosemite, as well as the entire machine. I had noticed this happening several times. Reinstalled the system. Installed the Clipper. Got machine freezes. Deleted the clipper from Safari extensions and all seems well at this point. Instead of clipping, I just use print and direct the print job to Evernote or email the page to EN. I have no idea if the integration with Google is causing this, but I have taken Google Drive off all my machines because of system slowing to a crawl with the Drive active. I regularly dump all browsing history and cookies as these accumulate and slow the system. Apple keychain keeps most of what I want as well as bookmarks. I did have iCloud Drive installed and that also slowed everything to a crawl. Noticed that iCloud drive was storing everything at near-root in the Library, which took a lot of processing power. Now, the old iMac breathes free again. I had also taken the machine all the way to Sierra but have found Yosemite is a much better performer than any later OS for this old desktop.
  3. I use 4 more or less integrated, cross-platform programs for organization: Evernote, Dropbox, Priority Matrix, and Sunrise calendar. Evernote is for Evernote- the most versatile program for collecting case information and developing a case. I've tried using TSW technique for EN, but it takes more discipline than I have, and I prefer visual thinking. I use Dropbox for collecting all scanned documents, which I try to scan everything. Even my scanner file is on DB. In DB, I have a file for each client. I have a folder template that mirrors the paper file cabinet. Comm, Discovery, Evidence, Pleadings, etc. The SCAN file is the equivalent of an INBOX for DB. DB gets every scan. Using OS X, as soon as I scan a file, I tag it with a green dot to represent that I've sent it to EN. In EN, the file goes into the INBOX but then is sorted into a client project folder. Each scanned file is also sorted immediately to actionable or reference. If it is actionable in a SOL sense, pleadings, discovery, etc., I assign a TODO date that is automatically sent to Sunrise Calendar that is linked to EN. I also tag actionable items with a PM tag (Priority Matrix). Priority Matrix is an Eisenhower matrix application for sorting things into relative urgency. The PM tag in EN then sends a file link to PM's INBOX. Clicking on the item in PM opens the EN link to view the item. Each case is a PM project. PM is more visual than EN and has an easier way to conceptualize TODOs than EN I think. It allows one to view TODOs by project, whereas EN makes you work to get that view in my experience, even using TSW, which is a great idea, but just too much work IMHO. PM does sync to Google Calendar, but that is unnecessary as PM has an app that runs cross platform, so there it is. I limit calendar to appointments and SOL items. While everything stays in EN, PM is more temporal-just what needs to get done stays in the matrix. So, to sum, I use Dropbox as the master document/evidence receptacle. EN refines DB by enabling notes and strategies on the case file and assigning limiting dates, on-the-fly recordings of ideas, etc. EN is used for case development. The actionable EN items are sent to PM to manage the TODO list where all the subactions can be assigned and tracked. PM is the TODO manager app. Sunrise is the only calendar I have found that integrates across platforms with EN due dates, so it is the only calendar that can take my action sorts I assign when the note is created. With this, one still must GTD on schedule. Everyday, begin with a review or end with one. Work those todos. But get them done. Once the system is set and you trust it, process the work through it so that working on the system does not become an end in itself. I can conceptualize a better system, but there is no software that can deliver what I can see in my head.
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