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  1. The iPad web clipper does not allow notebook selection or tags. Drop down menu is blank. Saved notes go to inbox. Cannot add tags either. Have to create note, open EN, then edit to notebook and tags.
  2. Problem I believe I'm having is that the Clipper locks up Safari 10.,1 running on Mid-2010 iMac with Yosemite, as well as the entire machine. I had noticed this happening several times. Reinstalled the system. Installed the Clipper. Got machine freezes. Deleted the clipper from Safari extensions and all seems well at this point. Instead of clipping, I just use print and direct the print job to Evernote or email the page to EN. I have no idea if the integration with Google is causing this, but I have taken Google Drive off all my machines because of system slowing to a crawl with the Dri
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