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  1. When will we ever get proper tables in Evernote? This should be core functionality which would dramatically improve the user experience with the product! Specific issues I'm fighting with include: - Unable to insert rows to a table created. Note: This is hit or miss at times. Usually works on mac more consistently- Unable to resize table columns on demand- Unable to color table rows/columns My Environment:Windows (275837) - PrimaryOS X 6.013 (451658 App Store) - Alternate Workarounds involving jumping between environments should not be acceptable as a workaround. No one wants to or should have to leave their primary environment, go to an alternate environment, i.e. Web, etc. and then back to their primary environment to simply update a table. Trust me, I love Evernote and really enjoy working with it despite some core limitation, but seriously, this has type of functionality is far to long coming.
  2. Yes.. I am seeing the notes remain in the folder, however, after some testing, I notice that if I leave the folder and go back into the folder, the note is infact removed from teh folder - this seems to be more of a refresh issue than a delete issue.
  3. Since upgrading to 6.0.6 from Apple Store, deleting notes has become a fustration point. When I delete a note, the note is marked as "deleted" but stays in the folder with an option to "erase note" Why would any sane person want the delete function to behave this way? Please tell me this is a bug or a setting that canbe changed.
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