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  1. Thank you, jbignert. I read your reference materials, that makes it perfectly clear. Unfortunately I paid for an app i didn't need to, but I learned a bunch of new stuff about Evernote. It's my new favorite app!
  2. I wasn't clear, I'm sorry. Webclipper is the one I am asking about. Everything else is ok, but the Webclipper wants me to buy it again on iphone. Thanks
  3. I installed Evernote, Scannable and Webclipper to my ipad. I'm just trying to centralize all of my recipes, embroidery files, etc between phone, ipad and PC. I bought the Webclipper App in the itunes store. Normally when you buy on one device, it is also available to download from the cloud on my itunes linked devices (iphone/ipad.) No matter what I do, itunes still wants to charge me again to install webclipper on my phone. Do I have to pay for it twice? Sorry I don't understand a lot of the intricacies: I'm just a Grandma trying to keep up (relatively) with technology :-). Thank you.
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