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  1. My evernote application is on a Windows 7 machine, and I recently downloaded and upgraded my evernote to v6.4.2.3788 (303788) Public. Now the entire left panel has a black background with white text. This is very distracting, since the remainder of the application is black text on white-ish background. Can I control the background of my panels? How can I make the left panel the same style as the rest of the application?
  2. The search worked for me, but you have it misspelled in your post. "reminderDoneTime:" pulls up all of the reminders that have been marked as Done from most recent to latest. While I'd prefer to be able to have "Done" reminders remain in my list until I manually move them to "clear", the search makes it easy enough to find old reminders.
  3. Problem: When I create a new note, I want to add a hyperlink to the note in the toolbar, but there is no option to add one. Current Work Around: Copy an existing note that already has a hyperlink in the toolbar, and edit that. I've attached an image of the hyperlink toolbar location. In versions up to 4.2 I could edit the hyperlink directly. Now I cannot. This is so annoying! I have been staying on older versions of Evernote, but I have other reasons to that motivate me to upgrade. How can I add a URL to the toolbar on a new note? Can I have the bar displayed by default so I can edit it?
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