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  1. I exported the text thru "share" which gave me the options of copying to Evernote, Gmail, Email, Simplenote among many others. Your comment re exporting to the desktop gave me an idea. I exported the text to my Email in Microsoft Outlook 7 and it worked, all was copied across. Now to the next hurdle. How do I copy/paste the text from my email to Evernote Windows to the correct folder, i.e. "Photographic Equipment". Your guidance would be most appreciated. Thanks and regards Robert
  2. I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 and I have made copious notes into a software called "Notes, version 1.0.25". This app has its limitation hence I now attempt transfer ("share") the first of many text files to EN for which I have set up so far "Photographic Equipment" as a name in the EN "Notebooks" listing. The text does copy into EN but it shows up in a note called "Ferns", set up back in December 2014. (With hindsight I should have called the very first note "Inbox"). The text copied across shows only 4 lines, kind of an attachment. I can open it and the text is all there. I can move the "attachment" to the correct name ("Photographic Equipment") but it still only show the initial 4 lines. I have to press and hold it again before the full text shows. Is there a way for the full text to be visible immediately when I open "Photographic Equipment" ? Your early advice would be appreciated. Thanks and regards Robert
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