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  1. Thanks man, I agree. And I've changed behavior a bit since then. / A
  2. Hi, A bug report, I guess. Or something. I have evernote (free account) on my Macs and PCs. No problem, used it for years. Then I started using Evernote Android app. I made this error before, but yesterday I did it again: I opened up a "long" note in my Android. Just to add something to the top. The result when I check the note on my Mac, is that everything from a few days back is gone from the note, and I only have old stuff + the new line of text. Example: My note "TO DO" is several months old. I add stuff to the top, as I go. Delete some as well. Last friday, I had 114 lines of text. This Monday, I had 119 lines. Tuesday, 127 lines. On Tuesday night, I opened the Android-app and added a line of text ("purchase book so-and-so, it's great") to the top of "TO DO". Today, my "TO DO"-note looks like the Friday-version, but with the text "purchase book so-and-so, it's great" on top. Everything I added between Friday and Tuesday is gone. And here's the funny part; the Mac-application does not pick up on this, but happily "syncs" these changes and now my note is changed across the board. I just upgraded to Premium to get access to Note History, so I recovered my text now. Whew! But is this a known behaviour? My guess: Andriod app uses an old, cached, version of the note. Then it saves, without checking if the note on the server is as up-to-date as the note it just edited. Fail. Thanks in advance, / A
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