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  1. Finder, Applications, trash Skitch.app Finder, Pictures, trash the Skitch folder Finder, Home, Library, Application Support, trash the Skitch folder Finder, Home, Library, Preferences, trash com.skitch.skitch.history and com.skitch.skitch.plist Empty the trash and restart
  2. Evernote does not listen to us unfortunately, there is none so deaf as that one who do not want to hear
  3. As always, they promise to improve Skitch with the changes required by users........ but then ignore them regularly (
  4. Here is the Evernote answer to my question. Can't believe!!! Evernote Support (Evernote Support) Mar 4, 13:35 Thanks for contacting Evernote Customer Support. Evernote Support is currently available in English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Korean, and Russian. Please write back in one of our supported languages and we’ll be able to answer your question. You may also be able to find an answer to your question by visiting our Help Topics. Evernote Support
  5. Write your post to support this petition Please Evernote, listen to us: "Mac OS X Users need Skitch version 1.0.13"
  6. Please Skitchers, take a look to these 52 comments inside the Evernote blog: “You Asked, We Listened", .......(but then ignored you)” https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2012/09/28/skitch-for-mac-update-you-asked-we-listened/
  7. Still no answer from Evernote to my requests about the error window. Unfortunately, I see on the Skitch download page that Evernote no longer offers the version 1.0 and this makes me think that they no longer have any interest in this top app, in addition to the desire to destroy it day after day from the time of purchase.Anne is right when she says that "Evernote just does not heart Skitch any more".What did Evernote from 2011, the date of purchase of Skitch from Plasq? The opposite of what you should have done: they continued to remove features and add issues; they have never listened to the requests of the community of passionate users of Skitch about resizing images, interface, use of fonts, shadows, extended canvas etc etc.This forum is full of complaints and requests unanswered. Skitch 1.0 is an application that could be cashing millions of dollars, was created by the excellent developers of Comic Life with taste and attention to detail and is not a substitute for Paint, as the CEO of Evernote thinks. Sorry to say, but the vision limited to the development of one application for notes will not have great future. There are many alternatives to the green elephant app, less intrusive, for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac customers.Probably we will have to wait until the end of Evernote to see the rebirth of SkitchBye bye Skitchers and Goodbye to Evernote Clique
  8. Anne, you did a good job, but replacing Skitch 1.0 with the version 2.0 from App Store isn't a fix because Skitch 1.0 is an amazing app developed by Plasq (and unfortunately bought by Evernote in 2011) with a lovely icon, very useful functions, a nice bezel etc etc, while Skitch 2.0 is nothing more than a simple application similar to those for smartphones, with graphics very poor and flat, a few functions and an horrible logo. I just hope that someone knows how to identify the changes to be done inside the Contents folder to avoid the connection with that "damn little green elephant" server, or that Evernote can take the wise decision to go back to version 1.0, updating it with 64-bit support. Fingers crossed and hope for the best
  9. Really tired of Skitch problems caused by Evernote, I'm thinking to replace it with Glui of Sebastian Razola available on the Mac App Store
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