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  1. I don't use the beta version, I cleaned all cookies, restarted both Chrome and the PC itself, but I cannot see the content of my notes, either. They're visible in the index on the side, but once I pick a note to read and/or edit, there's just the title and nothing else. I'm on Windows 7. The ad-blocker removal worked for me, but did I really have to come here to find that out?
  2. This happens to me with Evernote web, with a couple of specific notes. I logged out, I rebooted, I tried again and, within a minute or so, the note reverts to its old version. The green animation around the checkmark does not appear, not even when I paste a large chunk of text. Does it matter if these notes are shared/public or not?
  3. Hello, I just bought Evernote premium and activated the PIN feature. However, since I often use my tablet to write down notes when sleepy, I reckon this may be annoying. Is there a way to get rid of the pin?
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