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  1. When using the Google Drive integration for Mac OSX it would make way more sense for the attachment to link to the local copy of the drive file using OSX's file URL scheme. In that case, if you're offline then the Google Drive links would still function. Also, it's just more OSX-like. And there's the advantage that the file will open with the user's preferred app. Some files may even be unreadable by Google Drive. Please consider adding this as a feature. I really appreciate what you guys are doing with the Google Drive integration, but I think it could be better and right now it's not quite as awesome as it could be. ^^
  2. I've just started using the new Google Drive integration for Mac OSX and when I attach an image from Google Drive it crops the images in the preview it gives. I would much rather it showed the full image. When viewing on Android, the preview shows the full pic, so why does it not on Mac and web too? Also, for pdf attachments the user can right click and select "View as attachment" to stop the pdf preview being shown. It would be good if Google Drive images also had this option.
  3. The "evernote://" link is not a direct link to a hard copy. It uses a URI scheme to find the relevant note. URI links are what enable your android to open a link directly with the Play Store app and such. So if you follow a link which is hyperlinked to an "evernote://" address on an android phone, provided that the Evernote app is installed, it should open the linked note in the app in the same way it would on a mac. So weirdly these links are likely what makes the evernote links in the android app work anyway, which is why it's unusual that Evernote are keeping them hidden from us! I just want a way to be able to copy the "evernote://" link in the android app so I can take advantage of this feature when I'm on my phone. (I like to link to my notes from Google Docs + Remember The Milk.) But I'm gonna assume that this feature doesn't exist. It's either an oversight on Evernote's part, or they have some other agenda at play. It's a little bit annoying but not a huge deal.
  4. BUMPING this thread because I would like to be able to do the same as OP. Does anybody have an answer for the original question? Is there any way to get hold of a classic note link on android?
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