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  1. with note 4 you get a evernote email address when you create an account, from your mail app you click on forward then put in the evernote email and send, as I stated before it works fine from any other device apart from sending the email to evernote within your note 4 eg reading mail on your note 4 then forwarding to your evernote on note 4
  2. samsung note 4 email app as ive stated before
  3. ok it seems I cant send or forward emails to evernote on my android note 4 , I can send them to evernote ok on my computer why is this so
  4. using andriod as I stated before samsung note 4 I want to forward emails I want to keep to evernot on the android
  5. Gday I can forward emails to evernote and direct and tag them no problem at all, the issue im having is I cant read the emails in evernote they are all jumbled and encrypted , this is on the andriod samsung note 4
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