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  1. Hi, Thanks, but that's not quite it, neither. If there are more tags added to the note, then it filters on all tags, not just the one you push. The idea was that if you have a projecttag, or whatever, and you find the note some place and need to quickly check related notes with the same tag, you could just push the tag and go to it - as if you pushed the tag in the left menu.
  2. Hi, This would be a great feature: When you right click on a tag, you would see the option to see the notes with that tag. Now it's just remove, delete and rename (windows)
  3. @dashel Thanks for your 2 cents. The issues you are mentioning is the same I've come accross when trying to replace Evernote. I haven't found a solid solution to replace the "reference" function of GTD with it. Also, I'm a fond user of the tags and keep a good controll of things because I've used multiple tags when needed. It's not easy to accomplish this elsewhere. I haven't found a solution for this in OneNote, LiquidPlanner, Google Drive or any other alternative I've looked to. Are you really so hardcore that you use pen and paper for GTD in 2015? I haven't tried to do so myself. Don't you have to keep rewriting your lists as you go along??
  4. Similar story and I was contemplating moving to Google Drive too. Your post is the nudge needed to do so. Thanks ! Thanks dashel and SridharO. I've been looking for a replacement for Evernote as well since I posted, without luck of finding one. Using Google Drive hasn't even struck me as an option, but after reading your post I would hope that you could write some more about your setup for using it. I'm a fan of GTD process, and have implemented a perfect system for it in Evernote, so when changing I would need to keep the system in a likewize flow as it is today - but of course - without the slowness that's killing efficiency. I'm thinking about trying out LiquidPlanner as a go-to system for GTD, and use that as my "all"... that's my best pick beside Evernote, anyways. So, please, tell me about your workflow and setup in Google Drive?
  5. In that case, you might want to try EN Support Chat, if you have not already. See Evernote Chat Support., available business days 7am-7pm US CST. (Chat option appears AFTER you click “Continue” on initial “Evernote Support” page.) Hi again, I did. No response as of yet..
  6. Hi, and thanks for answering. I've got 35mbit connection (this really shouldn't even affect local evernote usage), a new and healthy system and I've got to say I'm an experienced user. I'm also a premium + business user and have been dealing with this issue for 6+ months, hoping that the next update should solve it. I've also read enough to have tested all the "tricks" for solving this, and to understand that this is a issue with Evernote. I've got 1933 notes and probably 100-150 tags. Just 3 notebooks. Then only thing I've not tried, which isn't an option is to delete all the notes and start a fresh install of evernote without a note to sync.
  7. Yes. Personally I really don't want to move out of Evernote, but I'm afraid I'll get forced out if this issue keeps on continuing.
  8. Hello, I've lost count of how many threads I've seen where Windows users complain about the slowness of Evernote - and that it is becoming ever slower as the months go by. In all of these posts I've seen a few suggestions to get this sorted out, but none of them seem to work. Individual users might have had luck with some of them, but there seems to be no fix for the mass of users experiencing this. I really do love evernote, but it's quite counter productive to see the client freeze up many times pr day. It breaks the flow of being productive. I hope someone posts a magical fix to this problem, but from what I've read that's not likely to happen. So what can be done? How can we make Evernote team prioritize this, as it's been a repeating subject for longer than a year.
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