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  1. EverNote be damned. A year ago it seemed promising, but now can't be removed. Pity, also a pity so many seem to write such diverse perspectives on whose at fault. any app s/b capable of being removed, UNLESS truly essential to the proper functioning of the phone. EverNote does not qualify!
  2. Jefito, I hope I have your name correct... It seems you were wrong in your first comment, and this recent one seems to offer no suggestions. Trust me, Evernote will not uninstall. IF you haven't anything constructive to add, pls don't bother. Its not your fault, we all have our limitations, rendered more diffucult by Evernote's following Mr Softee's arrogance in latching on as if customers were hard to find and keep. Best, p
  3. I can't comprehend why business firms so damage their customers interests. We pay you, don't force these 'pre-installed' garbage apps on us, we might not continue to buy other apps, due to the frustration. THIS ALLEGEDLY NEUTRAL FORUM STATES HOW TO REMOVE IT, but if fails. THIS of course makes me much more angry, since i now wasted even more time trying to do the impossible. I actually chalk this up to education,,,, proving that firms actually think we are so dumb that we will actually believe them, and buy more. SORRY, I'd probably have a few more apps on my fon, if i trusted them. http://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-remove-bloatware-on-the-samsung-galaxy-note-4/
  4. Sorry, can't uninstall on my android. It used to be possible last year, but now selecting UNINSTALL gives the option to uninstall UPDATES only, so user is constantly bugged with silly requests to update. This new trend is not merely Evernote. I've found several android apps that used to be uninstallable, but now are not. I think it sucks, and must cause negative vibes for any user in such slavery. Please believe me, it can't be uninstall by any known, conventional command?
  5. I wish to uninstall. Please explain how to do so, as i new android lack any button to uninstall. I just dont use it, wish to avoid the extra clutter. Thanks!
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