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  1. Hello, I accidentally managed to create a link in EN to my local file which doesn't require inserting it in the text of a note itself (it is in the header, next to the dates when the file was created/updated). When I was trying to find any description of this feature (unsuccessfully), I found this forum and since I didn't see the way I did it mentioned here, I want to share it with you. It is possible that it actually was already mentioned before. I just didn't really have time to read all the threads. Thus I apologize if I'm spamming. I created the link the following way: I marked some text in a note (holding left click and swiping over the text) and shifted it within the note. When I dropped the text, next to "updated date" appeared a window with "file:///". They you can just edit it and copy the path of your file. I noticed that this works only with created notes, as clipped notes have in this field already the website from which it was clipped. I hope this helps. If you have any idea how to do the same just by clicking on some button in EN, please share.
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