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  1. Is there any update to this???? As usual, weeks have happily slipped into months.......
  2. After being told by Billy J to uninstall and reinstall. My Snapsca worked for 2 hours! Then decided to start crashing again. Have owned it for almost a week, it has worked a total of 2 hours. During that time it failed to turn business cards into the "rich" contacts it promised. Scanned photos into documents, then decided to crash. I read a thread where someone was happy with the 5 hour support report time to a query. Really? At that rate, I could use my £500 snapscan by say 2017? As it stands I now own a very large and expensive paper weight. Am not looking forward to spending anothe
  3. Just made the huge mistake of buying a scansnap evernote edition. Now you would think a company selling £500 pieces of kit would have responsive support, a phone number for instance. No all they have is "Theo" who is clearly dealing with 234000000 other customers on a chat board. Installed the scanner, CRASH, can't open EN app on the Mac. "Uninstall" says "Theo", once he gets around to me and if that doesn't work you will get to chat with "Billy" directly. Yep Billy is at the other end of an email he apparently answers infrequently. I need to speak to "Billy" because units of snapscan an
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