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  1. Sorry if I am in the wrong area but I tried to sign into my account and it gave me the option to contact support (as I have Evernote Premium), I sent the message but it never fully loaded and sent, so I refreshed and tried again. No dice. So I closed my browser, evernote, everything, still no luck. My username is likwidsolutions with the email likwid.main@outlook.com and I know the PW but the TFA code is being sent to my old phone number via text, which I forgot to change before I changed my phone number. After this I plan to go back to using Authy, that way I can save my TFA to 1 account. If there is any info that I need to contact customer support as a premium member than the method I tried I'd appreciate the help. Or if an admin sees this and can help me out (I had to create this account just to get in the forums). I would like to keep my account so I don't lose my notes, and because it's a premium account
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