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  1. Well, I guess you might find the way I manage my templates to work better. I forego the integrated template database and just keep my templates in a separate notebook called "Templates" and use the Duplicate Note command. There are various ways to make quick access to them, such as adding favourites and setting Favourites Bar as a separate menu at top of screen. I also use Filterize service extensively to automatically apply templates triggered by defined rules. This is an amazing tool, if you're willing to put in time to set it up.
  2. I just happened to be reading this older string. For anyone who finds it, editing the templates is really quite easy. Make a note from the existing template. Edit it. Choose ‘Save as Template”. To see your new version, open a new note. Click the use template button. While you’re in there, delete the old version if you’re replacing the old one, and not making a ‘Version B’. As templates concept is to host notes that are likely to be rarely edited, this process seems fine to me. Makes it difficult to accidentally edit your master copy of the template.
  3. I beleive it is installed with the desktop application and you simply go to File, Options, Add-ins, Com Add-ins and enable it. (you can also look in ‘Disabled Com Add-Ins’ Found this. For older versions of Outlook, but same process. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005837-How-to-use-the-Microsoft-Outlook-Clipper-add-in-to-save-emails-to-Evernote Note that this doesn’t work on Office 365 web app. I’m not sure about Outlook on a Mac.
  4. Still broken, yeah. However, if you can use the old EN Outlook plugin, it works perfectly. The one with grey icon, instead of green.
  5. Is anyone else still experiencing this issue? I’m have the same problem. No tags saved when using EN plugin ver 1.8. However, the old plugin does still work, which I am using for now. I’m primarily using the plugin in desktop version of Outlook 365 on Windows 10 as of Feb 11, 2019.
  6. I fixed this by changing auto save in settings to every hour. You can also turn it off. Tools, Options, Syncronization (Evernote for Windows 10)
  7. Desktop app feature Request: When click a saved 'Favorite', place the cursor into the Search Notes field. This will improve usability flow. After clicking a favorited search, often will want to type in the search notes to narrow in on the exact note(s) looking for.
  8. I also us SnagIt heavily with Evernote every day. This issue has been plaguing me for months. Is there any resolution in sight, Evernote? Sometimes the images also won't paste. Other times they paste, then disappear. Very frustrating. Amacaual, do you happen to use Filterize with Evernote? My issue started some time after subscribing to Filterize.
  9. I think an amazing feature would be the option to add a drop-down box within a note for related links. For example, I currently include a few URL links at the top of each my Client account notes, and sometimes url links to other related Evernote notes. I do this by typing text and adding a URL link to each (ctrl <K>). Example: "Map" will open the Google Maps location url. A dropdown box for links would hide the items when I have Evernote open during meeting with clients, and also be cleaner than my current method.
  10. Yes. I set up the hot keys in the EN tools menu.
  11. Hello everyone. Wondering if anyone has a solution for this. I have a hot key set up for new note, and 'search' notes. When I use the hot key, the window opens, but does not display. Meaning, it is either minimized, or behind the currently open window on my screen. I have experienced this on 2 different laptops. Both running Windows 7. I have tried changing the EN program properties (Right click on program icon, Properties, Run, ("Normal Window" or "Maximized"). This doesn't help. Can anyone offer advice? Thanks!
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