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  1. To compare: * when I select all notes and export to *.enex file in v6.x the file size = 270Mb. * notes db size in version 6.x took maximum 2.5Gb, after db optimized db size is ~0.9 Gb. So, it is too big difference comparing to the data of all notes. Especially taking into account that 99% of my notes is only a text, in some exceptional cases with small pictures (like 300x200px). So, 13Gb in my case - that is really too much.
  2. Hi. Version 10 is big failure of EverNote. I hope we would not to tell "huge failure" after some time. I hope you fix these critical bugs. My db allocated 13.2 Gb of disk space! And EvernNote about to be deadly slow. In previous version there were tools - when hold [Ctrl] key and click "Help" menu there were additional menu items displayed which allows to compact/optimize db. In version 10 there are no such tools! So, for sure - this is big problem! Please return back the tools to fix/optimize db. Thanks.
  3. Hi. Every time when I need to add something to the note on smartphone I have to spend 20-40 seconds scrolling it down. The note is not so big (700-1000 lines of text) but scolling on a devices takes a time. It would be nice to have a [Jump to the End of Note] action in UI to avoid long manual scrolling and go directly to adding text to the end of note! Thanks.
  4. Seems you do not understand what we are talking about, so pls stop discussing the things which you do not understand. Please. Google links perfectly works outside of my evernote account.
  5. IT IS ABSOLUTELY IRELEVANT TO "userid/password"! Please read my bug report again and try to reproduce step by step! Bug is there. PS. When I insert text of link into a note and then copy-paste text of link from web-version - it works. So, for sure this is problem in EvernNote web-wrapper.
  6. Example: I add a text (like "here is accounting document for last revision") then I got link to my document on Google Drive I selected a text in a note and pressed Ctrl+K to assign a link to, clicked [OK] then I clicked "Copy Share URL" for this note and send a link to shared note to my coleagues Problem is following: when I click a text (with my Google Drive) link in EverNote - it is correctly opened shared document in a web-browser then I opened shared note in web-browser and tried to click the same link to a document on Google Drive there - IT DOES NOT WORK! By unknown reasons web-version of my EvernNote note screws up most of Google Drive urls in a note!!! Example: here is a link which is screwed up in shared note = https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uWFiAo_UO5eN9NPiN3w6nswTbySq78rl When I click it in web-version of my note it will open this link instead of valid one = https://drive.google.com/open%3Fid%3D1uWFiAo_UO5eN9NPiN3w6nswTbySq78rl Thus, it is the obviously THE BUG in EverNote! Please fix. Additional materials: Below is a piece of HTML of note exported into HTML file. Obviously generated HTML is wrong - it screws up a link even inside an exported note. <a href="https://drive.google.com/open%3Fid%3D1LCFnT0pb0hJ7uvi_0JVjtlRJEN2YLX2g" rev="en_rl_minimal">https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LCFnT0pb0hJ7uvi_0JVjtlRJEN2YLX2g</a>
  7. Hi. On youtube I seen a video where very nice feature were shown - some view where refs to lot of notes can be customized in one summary view. See here (from 13:48) - https://youtu.be/z3xlXsBb9Q4?t=829 Here is screenshot with that view - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Rxzc6oe8mZxu50l0kb4wnVCO6W8uizmw I checked all menu items in my Windows EverNote ( but I not found anything which can be even similar. So, question is - why such useful feature is missing in latest EverNote for Windows?! Why free users have much powerfull tools than premium users?! What the sense to pay for subscription then? Regards, Dmitry.
  8. Obviously, checking size by .exb file does not work! Because select all notes + export to ENEX file gives me 160Mb. And after I did sign-off + delete EXB file + sign-in again I got a new EXB file of 345Mb. So, obviously there is bug in EverNote with EXB file processing! 0.35Gb vs 22Gb - that is too HUGE difference. And the problem is - tools available by Ctrl+Help (such as "Optimize database", "Fix All Notes", etc) they did not help to resolve this issue.
  9. Thank you for hints and ideas. Answering questions: 1) OS=Windows 10 Pro X64. 2) Yes, I mean size of one *.EXB file. 3) Trash notebook is empty. 4) I have 620 notes total in 20 notebooks. If select all notes and export all to one *.ENEX file then file takes 160 Mb. So, it is even less than 0.5Gb which I mentioned in original question (first time I did count total size by-eye, very roughly). Max size of one note is 24Mb (I have only 1 such), then 2 notes of ~7Mb, then 10 notes of ~3Mb and all the rest of notes are smaller than 1Mb... But if EXB file is 22Gb then I assume there might be some "hidden records". So, that if why I thought summary size of notebook might be useful. 5) I did not know that I can do select all notes + export into one file. So, now I see the total size of all notes (by ENEX file). And I just did sign-off, killed EXB file, sign-in again. After synchronization EXB file takes 345Mb. Much better now. Thank you for help. Of course there is a bug in EverNote. But at least I found a workaround. Total size of all notes can be determined by select all + export to one ENEX file.
  10. Hi. It is about EverNote for Windows. Currently there is a HUGE GAP in functionality which makes me lost control over EverNote notes. (please note: I'm telling here only about text notes) So, I need: 1) Size diagnostic per notebook - how much space allocated per all notes (and content, inluding history) in notebook. 2) Need possibility to kill history for a note. Certain notes do not need a history at all. I need a [Clear history] button to release resources. Currently I have to do lot of operations per note to achieve such effect (export to ENEX, delete note, empty trash, synchronize, import note from enex). In case when need to do that for 40-100 notes - that is annoying! 3) Need possibility to auto-kill all multimedia content from a text note - all pictures, sounds whatever multimedia should be removed. I need only a text. Currently I see that some notes have images inside (which seems happened there as mistake of copy-paste) but it is too difficult to search by eyes whole text of a note and remove all such small images. 4) Need to see how much space is allocated by all my content on EverNote server. I need to control if local notes database is correct. Regards, Dmitry.
  11. Hi. It seems there is a HUGE RESOURCE LEAK in EverNote for Windows! My evernote database file has size = 22Gb! THAT IS OVERKILL! All my notes are in text format and only 2-3 notes are small PDF files. In total all text takes less than 0.5Gb, so how is it possible that EverNote database allocated 22 Gb?! I do not need any pictures, sound, whatever multimedia - in all my notes I need only text. So, if by mistake some multimedia content happened in my notes - I need to see that and remove. Unfortunately, EverNote has very poor content diagnostic possibilities, so I cannot control that. :( I tried to run 'Optimize database', 'Fix Lost Resources' and all other service menu functions available at Ctrl+Help but that did not help. :( Such huge database file allocates too much system resources, sometimes system bacame deadly slow and Resources Monitor shows that all I/O is used by disk C: operations. Unfortunately, size diagnostic in EverNote is VERY POOR(!) - I cannot see what notebooks and notes allocated too much space? I tried to kill history for some notes (export to ENEX, delete note, empty trash, synchronize, import ENEX back). Did that for 40 most big text notes which were written during long time. But that also did not help to decrease size of EverNote database. It is still allocates 22Gb. Could you please help? First of all I need to understand - which notebooks and which notes allocated too much space? If possible please do not suggest to log-off, delete database and login again - I would like to avoid huge traffic operations because of ISP limits (traffic cost money and if I will run out of limit speed will be limited). Regards, Dmitry.
  12. Thank you. Ctrl+(Shift+)M - works. Super! Only the questions which are still open: Missing local online help in EverNote! So I, as a user, should be able to find all the keyboard shortcuts by myself. In contrast, currently clicking "Help" in EverNote menu redirects me to webpage which is QUITE USELESS! :-( Which exactly the "release subforum" do you mean? I see there is something like "https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/108817-evernote-for-windows-67-ga/" - is that the one?
  13. Hi. In latest release of EverNote for Windows ( I see you were introduced some very bad things! :-( Block indent is no longer working! So, select block of text, press [Tab] to increase indent of it (of [Shift]+[Tab] to decrease indent) - this does not work anymore. That slow me down a lot. :-( I cannot quickly add a hierarchy to text. Please return identation feature back! That is very important for me!!! "Paste as Text" was replaced with "Paste and Match Style" which is lack super-important feature! I do not need any formatting and any styling! I need exactly the plain text inserted! No links/urls, no colors, no highlighting. Coudl you please return back that feature. Thank you.
  14. That is quite interesting that from lot of reasons and explanations you highlighted only one word - "idiots". I'm not sure if that could be something personal for you... Anyway - I apologize for that word and sorry that simple common phrase disturbing you so much. Please also note that my apologies do not cancel all my complains on missing progress indication for "heavy operations" as well on missing "cancel operation" button in EverNote application. It is a common rule that to make application userfriendly developers should make UI responsive and providing appropriate feedback&status on current operations.
  15. No, you mistaken. When Windows show that application "unresponsive" for long time - that is very user unfriendly. So, this is exactly the usability bug in EverNote!
  16. Waw! At Ctrl+Help there is "Optimize Database" item. It took about 20 min (also without progress indication, so application was looking like it hanging). But now my *.ENX database file takes only 750Mb on disk. And now search works much faster (10-20 seconds). That is much better. But anyway, progress indication and cancel action - that is still missing thing in EverNote for Windows. Because when Windows show that application "unresponsive" - that is very user unfriendly. Also, Ctrl+Help - I did not know about that. So, should be something like "adviser" when bad parformance detected.
  17. Thank you for answers. Small replies on you answers: a) I do not use "Local Notebooks". b ) "Recreate Type Ahead Search Index" & "Recreate Full Text Search Index" actions did not helped - search performance is still very bad. c) Renaming/reloading local structure of notebooks manually - THAT IS VERY BAD PRACTICE! There MUST BE special item in menu to do this operation. For example in Microsoft Access there is "Compact and Repair Database" item in menu which performs simular operation. That is the "must-thing" for in-memory/in-file database engines like EverNote using (or like MS Access using). User do not have to do all that manual "hack operations" every time he facing performance problems! Also, reloading ~1Gb of notes database every time - that is very bad thing! User do not have to do that. All my notebooks exported to *.ENEX files allocates ~200Mb on disk. However *.EXB file in "c:\Users\Dmitry\Evernote\Databases\" allocated 7.5Gb. d) Ok. Thank you for hint - I changed "Search as type" delay to 9999. But that did not help with the search itself! It is still taking 7-15 minutes to search simple phrase. e) FYI: my PC is not overloaded with background applications. It is Intel Core-i5-4570-3.2GHz/16 Gb RAM/0.5Tb SSD, so PC is quite powerful and there is quite small set of other software running with EverNote. Thus, that is wrong direction you are trying to look. Please understand - the unresponsive UI is the real problem for such applications as EverNote! So, in particular: 1) there is no progress indication (EveryNote application is simply hanging for 5-15 minutes - that is very user unfriendly!) 2) it is not possible to stop search (I have to wait for 7-15 min while it is searching, even when I typed wrong phrase by mistake) Even in our small team with using quite old development platform we understand this problem and always focusing it in our applications. But EverNote has big team and it is huge service, so I'm confused and puzzled - how is that possible that such class of problems is not addressed by EverNote?! I hope I provided enough details so you clearly see now that EverNote for Windows has a HUGE PROBLEM in Search functionality?
  18. Hi. Current version of EverNote for Windows ( (304720)) have TERRIBLY BAD PERFORMANCE of search functionality! I mean search within all notes. I typed some text in search field and it hang for 7-10 minutes!!! THAT IS A REAL NIGHTMARE! How is that possible at all?! Are you developers real idiots to implement search functionality in the same thread as UI to make it totally unresponsive?! And not to show any search progress?! Guys! PLEASE! Fix the performance of search functionality in Windows version in EverNote. At least: 1) UI should be responsive 2) Must be progress indicator 3) Must be [cancel search] button 4) (if possible) please do not do the search as user typing! Because on huge notes database it is a real nightmare! Thank you.
  19. Hi. Before today I was used my wife's iPhone 5 to record our audio notes. It was very convenient - I clicked "new audio note", turn off iPhone screen and then left it on a table while we were talking (usually 20-40 minutes sessions to discuss some particular topics). After meeting end I turn on iPhone screen back, typed a title of a note and clicked [Save]. That was working perfect for year. But then my wife's iPhone was broken. I have Android phone SGS6. I tried to use it for audio notes and found that it is very inconvenient! I cannot turn off screen on android because when screen is OFF then Evernote imediately stops recording. But screen is "eating" too much battery, so I would like to avoid left screen ON all the time while we are discussing something. I know for sure - Android can do this. Because standard Voice Recorder on Android can record when screen is OFF. Is it possible to fix EverNote for Android to make it more conceptually mature like EverNote for iPhone? So, user do not have to mess up with complex and unobvious tricks with external audio files recorded by other applications on Android! Because I have lot of audio files on my SGS6 and it is extremely difficult to locate the correct file when using external application for recording an audio. Thank you.
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