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  1. Hi @gazumped! In that snapshot I was using Windows app, but the problem occurs on Android, too. Anyway, I've already contacted @EvernoteHelps on Twitter, but not received any response yet.
  2. Hello Evernoters! Every time I need to share a single note with my wife, I start writing her e-mail address in the respective field and suddenly I see 5 (I said... FIVE) contact suggestions for the same person. See for yourselves: During my workday I use mainly Evernote for Windows, but I also use the Android app. I don't know where Evernote get the Workchat contacts, but I've already tried to eliminate contact duplications on my Gmail contacts (that I use on Android). The worst is yet to come: only ONE of these 5 contacts for my wife works effectively. If I send mes
  3. When editing a note in a separate window, before version 6, I used the shortcut key "F3" to edit tags in a note. Hitting "F3" I could write the first characters of a new tag and add it quickly, and hitting left and right navigation keys I could select tags to delete from a note. After version 6 update this don't work anymore. Do you have any plan do add this feature again? It's a little unproductive to edit my note tags in CTRL+ALT+T window. Post script: Sorry for my poor english.
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