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  1. It's a three step process 1. Make your search 2. Save your search 3. While viewing your save search results click on the "..." in the upper right to add a shortcut
  2. That worked. I saw it posted in the announcement post in the other forum. Thanks!
  3. Interesting, but how do you add a search to Shortcuts? For others, I was able to get a successful search using: stack:[stack_name] *
  4. Please restore the ability to view all notes within in a stack of notebooks! I really need it. Thank you.
  5. I can't launch Evernote 8.0 on MD785LL/A iPad Air. It hangs on a blank screen then reverts to home screen
  6. Hi Ricky, I'm not sure Evernote has ever acknowledged this bug. I have not yet found a workable solution. Having said that, Evernote appears to have changed their Mac interface so that avatars for the user do not show up in the workchat. https://psu.box.com/s/jvm0no0xr7mfhtmwa6azlw04hy7yieon- screenshot of a workchat. Kent
  7. Good suggestion about changing my avatar. I'll give it a go. For what it's worth, I'm generally initiating chats from my Mac desktop software, occasionally from one of my iOS mobile devices, but I'll try doing a few from the web version to see if anything different appears. Thanks again for lending a hand!
  8. Thank you for your suggestion, but that was the first thing I did even before Evernote had implemented their Work Chat feature. See my enclosed screenshots. Plus, my avatar is present here in these forums :-) You can see in the workchat, my avatar does not show.
  9. I've updated my online profile with a custom avatar, but it doesn't seem to appear when I'm working on messages exchanged through the Work Chat on my Mac. What do I need to do to get that to appear?
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