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  1. Thank you for your response. I've been using EvernoteClipper on firefox for years. I tried using Safari when it wouldn't work on Firefox. It's doing, or rather not doing a variety of things, none of which are helpful. Sometimes it simply won't work, or it's got these cross-hair, drag to define your clipping window, but nothing goes to my Evernote account...etc. Does it look and work like it did before this change a few weeks ago when after Catalina was installed? Or was it an upgrade? or both? I'll get a support ticket, thank you.
  2. Bringing back the previous webclipper is key for the Evernote app's survival. Without a useful webclipper, which the new one is not. Since November 2019-ish: The new WebClipper is really horrible. I've watched the video, read the directions, tread tips and tricks, tried it on Safari and Firefox and with various sites, yet it's really, really useless. Sometimes it doesn't even work.
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