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  1. I announce I will quit premium if you keep ignoring the community and do not add this very basic feature.
  2. Evernote Developers, PLEASE ADD ZOOM FUNCTION! It is expected behavior in any modern Application that you can use ctrl-mouse wheel to zoom in /out. This is a hair-raising lack in the Windows evernote application. It seems many people feel the same, so please just implement it. Much more important than any new fancy features. Thanks, Stefan
  3. I am facing the same problem. Even after installing the prerelease version 5.8.2, the issue is still there. Of course I logged a service request. This problem is EXTREMELY annoying. One of the crucial non-functional criteria of cloud software like evernote is that sync works in a stable way even under adverse conditions. A non-working sync makes the software useless. So I ask the Evernote product management to put it on top of their product backlog to fix these issue. No need for any fancy new features before the sync process isn't fixed.
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