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  1. Hm I do have a four year old 13 inch and a European (French/Belgian) keyboard so maybe that explains why there's no 'delete'? It's in the same position as yours though, under the volume button. Fn+backspace (in text processing) deletes the letters 'after' the cursor, is this what you mean by PC delete function? In Mail, just pressing backspace is also moving the message to trash, I just discovered. But in Finder, I need to press cmd+backspace. Anyway, not really relevant so I will just pay attention next time this problem occurs. Thanks for the replies!
  2. Could be that I was a bit 'slippery' in the iPad app (I don't use the app on the iPad very often) but I find it hard to believe I could have moved all notes to the trash without noticing. Also, I really recall the notes being gone the second I opened EN, without me even 'clicking' or tapping anything. Another thing: the last time before 'the disappearance' I used EN (or synced to it) was when I saved an article to EN with the web clipper (Chrome). I don't remember if this note was still 'present' when I opened the iPad app, it might have been the only note not in the trash folder but I'm not s
  3. I opened EN on the ipad, saw no notes, checked on my computer and web and they were hiding in the trash on all platforms. Good that they hadn't actually disappeared!
  4. Hello! When I opened my Evernote app today I had a tiny seizure as all my notes were gone! The notebooks were all there but they all showed '0 notes'. The same for iPad version and website version. But then I saw they were in the trash can. I am very sure I did not delete all my notes at once, so how did this happen? Does anyone else have this problem? Does it occur regularly? Luckily, you can restore the notes all at once, tags in tact and all. But still, a strange and very unpleasant surprise at first! - Kaatje
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