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  1. Feature request: Control+Tab shortcut to switch between opened notes Just like many other software doing. In Chrome browser, press control+tab to switch to next browser tab. holding control button, tap tab button to quick rotate between all tabs. In NetBeans, press control+tab will popup a file list of all opened files, then user can holding control button, tap tab button to quick select a file to jump to. I like to have this feature on Evernote. Thank you.
  2. Agree. There is font issue in the left bar in this 6.0.15. If I use the external monitor (Dell U2412H )with my macbook pro. The font in left bar looks much obscure, although it looks well on the macbook display. All the previous versions are okay. Need fix.
  3. Actually this bug break any basic html table, not just Google Docs/Sheets. @evernote: You may try to copy the table in below link into an evernote note. http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_tables.asp If the management team still blame it on MS Office, I do not mind to quit my evernote premium account. Shame on you, what a stupid!
  4. I would endorse this bug, really expect Evernote could put this one to the highest priority, and resolve it asap. This 'table copy/paste' bug occurs not only with WS-Word, but also with any html table in any browser. Unacceptable.
  5. http://58.investorroom.com/2015-05-25-58-com-Reports-First-Quarter-2015-Unaudited-Financial-Results If you copy the content of above page into a note in the latest ver (6.0.13 on Mac OSX 10.10.3), the table's format info will be lost. You can also try the previous version like 6.0.6, it would be okay.
  6. It is a quite annoying bug. In the latest version 6.0.13, if you copy-paste a html table into notes. part of html format information would be lost. This problem did not occur on 6.0.6.
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