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  1. Hey, I have the same question but the above does not seem to be working. Did something change in an update?
  2. I agree, pdf are convenient. However, if I make the changes in Word (embedded in EN) then the changes will be made for the person to review and make changes. I use this with my son quite frequently (also and EN user). He does all his class work in EN and then can send me his papers written in WORD. I then use the Reviewing function. Save it and then let him know I've reviewed it. This back and for can go on as long as I need it to. Now writing on the document with a digital pen would not be possible in this case. Thanks for the info on Notability. I'll have to check that out! Ri
  3. Thanks for the imput. I'm thinking of something more digital - digital for upper grades/college. Where they would send me their papers and I would edit them, save them and send them back to them. I guess the easiest flow would be to edit the papers using MS Word on my MacBook Air 11" (not much bigger than an iPad but much easier to use) and use the reviewing function. I did use EN for my "everyday photography class" last semester. The students would email me their photos with their captions. I could then comment on the photo, edit the paragraph and send it back to them. It was a bit cumbe
  4. Hey everyone! I'm trying to figure out how to use my evernote account and a jotscript pen to go paperless in my student workflow for a writing class. I've looked far and wide and still haven't found anybody doing (or at least written about) this option. Here is what I'd like to do: Option #1 Students send me an email to my evernote email. I then use a jotscript pen to edit their paper like I would if they gave me a written copy I send it back to their email for them to revise Option #2 - Do the same via a chat in evernote with students who have an evernote account. Anyone have any
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