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  1. Scientific notation editor would be wonderful addition to the Evernote program. It's not convienient, it's crucial. Until then the only solution I have is keeping a note titled "Mathematic Equation & Notation Database" with respective tags so I can access them as quickly as possible when needed. I write them out with a notation editor online or in Microsoft Office and then paste them into that note so I can "quickly" copy and paste the desired formating text I need. ax2+bx+c=0 can quickly become other things by copy and pasting then placing the cursor after the exponent, backspace and writing in any power you need. Best solution as of this moment. It's not just inconvienient, it's disruptive. This feature must be included. Evernote is crucial to my school experience, I am taking 13 credit hours this semester. Full time student. In an hour I will have completed my first week of school and other than my summarizing of my biology chapter notes I have used Evernote for everything in class and out. Scientific notation needs to be included in the formating options. Know what's funny? I'm looking at the formatting options here on the Evernote designed website for forums and they give you nice clear organized formatting tools that INCLUDES superscript and subscript. I really need these options in the computer program. The worst part? I can't contact Evernote without paying for premium services. Tell me how that's fair
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