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  1. I'm really struggling with this, even since the update... 1) My jot script stylus / pen has now got a delay between writing and the lines appearing on screen. This is about 1.5seconds, so is completely unusable. It's the same on both my iPad mini retina, and my iPad retina (full size) 2) I keep getting large black sections filling in the writing area when I do try to write. Trying to clear these often triggers a 'scroll to top of notebook' meaning I have to then scroll down some 50+ pages to get to where I'm currently working. The responsiveness is solely in Penultimate as Ive tried Notes+ and this is as snappy as the old Penultimate. What's the story guys? I'm an Evernote Premium subscriber, I use Skitch and Penultimate everyday (or did) but Ive had to change my workflow to work around the fact that you have broken a key app for me... Please can we have the notebook layout & functionality back. I'll even pay money for it to return sooner. You have royally screwed up one of the best apps on iOS and seemingly on these forums its all gone quiet since you realise your cobbled together 'fix' that's not fixed anything apart from titles to notebooks (who thought the removal of those was a good thing?) PLEASE. FIX THIS. SOON.
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