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  1. thanks guru I reinstalled app- and I'll see what happens :-)
  2. evernote seems to be getting slower and slower to save notes from any source- web page, email but particularly iphone photo in evernote app- it takes 5-10 seconds to open the camera icon and then 20 seconds to save the photo note- this makes evernote almost unusable ! please help !
  3. thanks- as you have suggested I'll combine notebooks and use more tags :-)
  4. thanks for your reply- my problem is reaching the 250 notebook limit :-)
  5. iphone evernote main screen- tap notebooks- tap edit- no option for new notebook all I see is search screen find notebook and list of notebooks below no new itebook icon to click I think the problem is that I have created 250 synchronised notebooks- maximum allowable- how di get around this without deleting notebooks ?
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