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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I tried that on the above template. Indent/outdent correctly promotes/demotes outline numbers, like in the desktop version. It doesn't indent/outdent to the same number of spaces, so outline from Word->Desktop Evernote->iOS Evernote has some appearance issues, but as long as I contain my OCD, I end up with a perfectly usable solution. -Erik
  2. Thanks for letting me know how to indent. That works great with the checkboxes! My previous use of the Tab key just added more leading spaces after the checkbox. Do you know how to indent/outdent in the iPhone app? (And tab -- see my previous reply). Thanks, Erik
  3. Thanks -- you gave me a great idea that seems to work for outlines. Using 3rd party software -- in this case, MS Word -- I created a skeleton of a multilevel numbered list (example below) and copied it to Evernote. I was pleased to see that Evernote retains the numbering hierarchy. I can use Tab to promote/demote headings, and hitting Return adds a new properly-numbered line. test test test test The formatting carries over to my Evernote iPhone app. The only problem is that without a "tab" key in the iPhone, it's not possible to promote/demote in there, but Return adds a new line just fine. Thanks! -Erik
  4. I would like to use Evernote to create checklists and project plans. Being able to have nested/indented checkboxes and nested/indented numbering would be ideal. For example, allowing numbering at all levels, e.g.: 1. a. b. 2. ...etc... Allowing checkboxes to be indented would be very useful as well For example, with [] substituting for the Evernote checkbox: [] [] [] [] I think this functionality could be easily implemented. Obviously full outlining functionality, as popularly requested in another thread here, would be ideal, but this functionality is simple and would suffice in the meantime. Thanks, Erik
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