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  1. I've been using Evernote fine this whole year and for most parts, it works great when you use it primarily between yourself. 


    Recently, I've started using the Notebook Sharing feature of Evernote towards the tail end of last year and it worked without a hitch till recently. Now, I don't know if it is because of the new version that was installed but a couple of problems started surfacing. While they were minor ones, they've been enough of an annoyance that i'm starting to reconsider it's usage.


    1) The activity stream no longer updates me when there is a change made by people whom the notebook is being shared. (Feature works fine for the other user who is on a Windows)


    2) Activity stream still shows my old email on the activity during the times it does decide to refresh itself


    3) There's been times when a seemingly random number is used instead of my Profile name or email. The number has been consistent and I am assuming this is a number that is linked to my account. 


    4) The activity streams are not synced between my desktop and laptop. Both show different notification despite being the same updated versions. 


    The few times I have had to use Shared Notebooks earlier last year, it's worked out without any problems and it feels like it is after the updated version, problems started surfacing. Without notifications, it feels pointless to use the Shared Notebook feature. Google Drive's system seems to be a better alternative with real time updates on the edits. 


    The Work Chat function is a joke since it does not even sync up with other people on whom i am sharing the notebook with. The previous method of sharing a notebook worked way better. 


    This is one part of my disappointment with Evernote of late. The other part will be continued on another thread to keep this post to the point. 


    Anyone else encountering such problems with Evernote?

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