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  1. As a user who stores a lot of sensitive information in Evernote, I would appreciate the capability for enhanced security beyond what is currently provided. 1) Data encryption at rest. I haven't found any information on this, but it seems to me our personal data is stored on the servers in "plaintext" form, and is only encrypted during transmission to/from the clients and servers. Are there any plans to implement full end-to-end encryption of data in all phases? I understand that Evernote needs the keys in order to support a lot of its useful features. Perhaps there could also be a user-selectable mode where only the user keeps keys locally (much like the in-note text encryption already available), perhaps compromising Evernote features but enhancing security. 2) In-note encryption for all data formats. Right now, we have the ability to encrypt text segments at will using local private keys, which is a welcome feature. I would appreciate this capability to be extended for all data types, e.g. audio, photos, and other file attachments. Are there plans to support this feature? Thanks!
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