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  1. I better Give an update. A new version of penultimate was released last week and I have to say it is an improvement on the previous version, however still has some way to go. I wish the Evernote team would talk to the developers of NoteShelf and GoodNotes about how to reduce latency and improve accuracy. I found GoodNotes to be ok, and really good for drawing diagrams with it's shape recognition, but the fact it does not integrate directly with Evernote was a bit of a deal breaker. Noteshelf will sync with Evernote though which is great and appears to be much better geared towards handwriting than GoodNotes is. The thing I would like all the apps to incorporate would be a "Large format" page. The current small, fixed size pages don't really lend themselves to copying in large graphics to annotate, which is something I need to do for work, Anyway, Over time the apps will continue to get better
  2. Likewise I was pleasantly surprised to receive a jot script for Christmas, having asked for one in passing. Currently owning a Jot Pro, I was keen on getting something that has palm rejection. Have been terribly disappointed by the latency and accuracy of the Jot Script in Penultimate 6. The latency makes the stylus unusable in my opinion. righ now I think the Noteshelf app will become my preferred writer, as the lag and accuracy is significantly less. I have also been testing with goodnotes with similarly better performance. Very disappointed with Penultimate. Hopefully an update with fixes will be forthcoming soon.
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